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Caring About Disadvantaged
People and Animals

The mission of the Samuel Turner Foundation is to promote the well being of people in need and proper treatment of animals through education and active participation. It is our commitment to be an advocate for disadvantaged people and animals and to act as an agent for positive change.

The Samuel Turner Foundation, founded in 2001, is dedicated to providing services and support to people in need. The Foundation was named after Samuel Turner, the younger brother of one of the Foundation's founders, Deborah Turner. Samuel Turner died at a young age, but had left hissamuel turner mark on his family and the community in which he lived. He possessed many qualities which the foundation will embody in its pursuit of its activities. Loyalty, honesty, kindness, a sense of fair play, and an indomitable spirit are but some of the qualities that Sam possessed that the Foundation intends to incorporate in their activities. The Foundation is actively pursuing grants and donations from private and public sources. Information on fund raising activities can be obtained by direct contact with the Foundation.

Initially, the Foundation will undertake activities in 2 areas:

The common thread in these activities are kindness, understanding and compassion. The charter of the Foundations allows for adopting activities as community needs arise. Principles in the Foundation are deeply involved in the community and are sensitive to the ever changing community needs.


We are sponsored a Fundraiser event -- dinner, music and other entertainment on May 18, 2007 to benefit Tami Potter, a long time Long Beach resident. Tami is afflicted with Sweet's Syndrome, a rare disorder that severely affects her immune system. She has battled the painful affliction for many years, and is now totally disabled. Sweet's Syndrome also leads to other serious such as leukemia, which can readily attack the body since the immune system is not 100% functional.

This fundraiser allowed Tami and her 12-year-old daughter to move to Arkansas, closer to her family who can provide the physical and emotional support she desperately requires. There was a dinner, live entertainment and a fun-filled evening supporting this worthwhile cause

The Samuel Turner Foundation participated in Make a Difference Day on October 23, 2004. Click here to see the details of this unique project.   As a result of the efforts of the Foundation assisted by Friends of Long Beach Animals and Winners on Wheels, the Foundation was recognized as a Local Honoree by USA Today Weekend, the main sponsor of Make a Difference Day.


We wish to recognize two friends of the Samuel Turner Foundation; the Pet Mobility Rehab Center and U-Printing.  

The Pet Mobility Rehab Center with their flagship product of K9 Carts has been involved in changing the lives of many pets through the miracle of mobility for many years.  Visit their website --  for more information.


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